About Equity Vested

Equity Vested, launched by TBAIN & Co, is a unique enterprise designed to assist organizations with restoring wealth to the Black community by connecting with cultural brokers to identify funding sources that do not require repayment, investing in Black entrepreneurs by sourcing products that were designed to address inequities in communities of color, and to assess whether they are advancing equity within their organization and community. Equity Vested Version 1.0 is a proprietary web-based software platform that measures equitable practices utilizing the Social and Political Determinants of Health within four key areas:

Work Force Inclusion, Diverse Supplier Utilization, Community Engagement, and Economic Empowerment. This platform has been designed with the flexibility to assess the “lived experience” of various diverse groups by race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and more. Allowing an organization to assess a specific group's lived experience across the 9 pillars of social and political determinants of health provides a more robust and customized view into issues they deem problematic to improving equity within their specific community. The goal is to increase engagement with targeted community groups and ultimately provide a community-wide equity score by targeting the key stakeholder types that exist in communities.